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A shed demolition company can help you get rid of an unwanted shed in a safe and efficient manner. When you have a shed that simply has to go, don’t wait to contact your friends at Savannah River Junk Removal!

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Every shed begins its life as a brand-new structure, a place where you’d be proud to store your yard equipment, barbecue grill, and other tools. However, over time, time takes its toll on everyone—and everything. As a result, a once-new shed can eventually deteriorate to the point where it’s more of an eyesore than anything else. Is it time to let that old shed go? If so, contact Savannah River Junk Removal for shed removal services you’ll love.

We are Augusta, GA’s premier source of junk removal services, but on top of that, we are also demolition experts. So when you’ve got a shed that has outstayed its welcome, say goodbye to it for good with our help. We are fully insured, so you won’t risk any liability when we’re the team that comes to your rescue!

Why Our Shed Removal Services?

“Why shouldn’t I just tear down the shed on my own?” you might find yourself wondering. Well, consider all the barriers to entry involved with this sort of work. Do you have the tools required for demolition? Do you have the time needed to get all the various tasks done? And, do you have a vehicle you can use to transport all the resulting debris to the landfill? Chances are, you answered each of these questions with a resounding no. That’s why our shed removal services are so popular among your neighbors—we take a tough job and make it look easy!

Leave it to our full-service employees to tear down your shed. We’ll start at the top and move downwards until every last plank or metal beam has been stripped away. Then, we’ll load the debris onto our truck and take it off your property! We do it all for an affordable shed removal cost, too. You’ll always know what you’re paying from the get-go thanks to our upfront service quotes! No rude pricing surprises—ever! Your wallet will love Savannah River Junk Removal because we’re less expensive than the competition.

The team at Savannah River Junk Removal isn’t just hardworking and fully trained. They’re also very, very friendly. In fact, you won’t find a more neighborly demo team than ours. So expect to see a bunch of smiling faces on your appointment day. We’re delighted to make your acquaintance, and we’re excited to remove that shed from your property. That way, you can wind up with a smile on your face, too!

How Shed Demolition Works
  1. Shed removal requires a particular set of tools and a team that knows how to use them. We’ll make sure we show up fully prepared, right on time.
  2. We will take a good long look at the shed, inspect it inside and out, and determine the best way to demolish it. Be sure to approve our upfront quote as well.
  3. Next, we’ll actually get into the process of tearing down the shed. We’ll always use protective equipment to ensure no accidents happen.
  4. Finally, we’ll load the shed debris onto our truck so we can dispose of it for you. We’ll also accept your payment before heading out.

Shed Clean Out Services: Get Rid of Shed Junk with Us!

What’s inside your shed? An old lawn mower? Gardening tools you haven’t used in years? Toys that your kids haven’t played with ever since they moved out? We understand that there can be a lot of junk in a shed. However, you don’t even need to clean out your shed before we arrive to demolish it. That’s because we handle the shed junk removal part of the job for you! After all, we are junk hauling experts.

Just open the shed door, and we’ll walk inside and begin picking everything up. It’ll wind up in the back of our truck, just like the debris we create during the demolition process. Here’s a thought—we can even remove your shed junk without demolishing the shed if that’s what you need!

About Us

Junk removal in Augusta and the CSRA can be tough work. Why go through the process of doing it alone? When you need a mess cleaned up or a structure demolished, Savannah River Junk Removal will always be there to help you. We’re not a team of cold, grumpy haulers. We’re friendly, chipper, and ready to make you our next delighted customer. For shed removal services that are easy on your wallet and lightning-fast, you can’t go wrong with us!

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