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Getting rid of unwanted appliances isn’t just time-consuming. It’s backbreaking! Why not skip all the hard work and try our appliance removal services instead?

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Eco-Friendly Appliance Hauling in the CSRA

Yes, you can get rid of your old appliances without having to haul them on your own! It’s as simple as contacting Savannah River Junk Removal, a local business that’s located in Augusta, GA. Our team packs plenty of muscle, so you can count on us to carry away even your bulkiest items. What’s more, we are also eco-friendly! We’ll make sure to donate any lightly used appliances and recycle the rest. Schedule your appliance removal appointment today!

Why Our Appliance Removal Experts?

Old appliance removal isn’t the sort of work that just anybody can do. If you bring on a team that lacks the correct experience, things could go wrong in many ways. Consider the nightmare of a refrigerator getting dropped down a flight of stairs, or a washing machine punching a hole through your drywall. By choosing Savannah River Junk Removal, you’ll be in the reliable hands of a five-star junk removal team. We aren’t just fully trained—we’re fully insured, too!

Our caution and care aren’t the only reasons you should choose us, though. Our appliance removal cost is also worth your consideration! That’s because, with Savannah River Junk Removal, you’ll pay a simple, volume-based cost. What this means is that whether you need us to remove one appliance or a dozen of them, you’ll always have a fair final bill.

Our Appliance Haul Away Process
  1. Why wait to get started? Schedule our appliance removal services by contacting us online and letting us know what you’ve got for us!
  2. We’ll arrive with an empty truck so we can load the appliance onto it. Just accept our upfront quote at the beginning of your appointment.
  3. Our team can haul huge appliances with ease. That’s because there are so many of us. All our workers are strong and happy to meet you!
  4. We will load the appliance onto our truck, sweep up where it used to be, and accept your final payment.

Common Appliances We Haul in Augusta, GA

Another convenient aspect of our appliance removal services is the fact that we know how to safely dispose of everything we collect. Disposal can be a bit of a mystery when it comes to appliances, and if you don’t dispose of them correctly, you could risk harming the environment. Allow us to handle this work for you—it’s best for everyone involved, including Mother Earth!

Washer and Dryer Removal

Washing machines and dryers aren’t just extraordinarily heavy. They’re also constructed out of materials such as steel, zinc, and plastic. None of these materials will decompose in a landfill, and that’s why it’s important that washers and dryers are recycled or donated. When you call Savannah River Junk Removal, we’ll handle each step of the process, including disposal!

A/C Disposal

Air conditioner removal is another example of an appliance that requires safe disposal. This is because A/C units use refrigerant, a substance that can be incredibly harmful to the environment if not dealt with properly. When you have us pick up your old air conditioner, we’ll make sure the refrigerant winds up in the hands of professionals who are authorized to handle and recycle it.

Refrigerator Removal

Refrigerators use refrigerant as well, and that’s a good enough reason to contact Savannah River Junk Removal for help! We remove refrigerators and freezers from not only homes, but local offices, warehouses, and restaurants as well. Some of these are fairly used, so they can be donated; the ones that aren’t in the best shape can be recycled. No one in the Augusta, GA Area has to miss out on what we’re offering, so please, contact us today!

About Us

The CSRA didn’t always have a local team of junk removal professionals. However, when Savannah River Junk Removal was founded, everything suddenly changed. Now, instead of people disposing of their own junk, they just get in touch with us instead. And boy, do they love it! We’re rated five stars for a reason. Our fast, friendly team works hard for a good price. If that sounds great to you, why not give us a call?

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